My First Myself.

This sort of thing pisses me off.

Aside from the confusion between a genuine personality and the lamentable Manic Pixie Dream Girl stereotype, there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of why anyone should be themself.  “Be yourself,” it screams, “…for HIM!”

What’s happened here?  Are women no longer allowed to have character and individuality unless it’s with the sole intention of attracting a man?  Forbid the thought anyone might be enthusiastic about a hobby merely because they enjoy it.  Make sure the only reason you care deeply about the difference between a G6119 and a G6119-1962HT* is to demonstrate to a man how you could care about him.  Is there even an implied “instead” on the end of that sentence?

(Besides which, come on. Does anyone not have enthusiasm for their hobbies?  “I spend my weekends on photography. It’s a bit meh really, not sure why I bother”, as said by no one ever)

* Lots.  Really really important ones.  Honest.

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