Sometimes it’s as if the world is reading my directions and doing exactly the opposite.

I updated Google Maps on my phone yesterday.  I wish I hadn’t.  They’ve introduced a new map rotation feature.

This in itself is wrong.  A map should orient north; it’s a fixed point of reference against your (varying) location.

The problem with Google’s map rotation feature is it’s a classic “developer too pleased with themselves” feature.  It’s improbably easy to activate – it prioritises higher than zooming – and you can’t turn it off.

Whoever did it obviously thought it was wonderful, sitting at their desk with new feature euphoria.  This is where dogfooding is vital; if they’d tried to use it as a map on the move (where being fixed to a compass direction is vital) they’d have instantly spotted the flaw.

However, dogfooding is, as we’ve seen with the Flash update, a lot less common than it ought to be.  The question to ask yourself if you’re a developer: if you’re not using your own software, why is that?

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