I change operating system about once a decade.

Well, no; by accident rather than design I ended up running Windows 2000 well past what could charitably be called its twilight years, and by the time the installation was beyond a joke and I knew I needed to replace it, the Vista-isn’t-good-enough debacle was in full swing, and by the time that blew over I’d become so used to the daily trials of running an out of date, unsupported operating system that there seemed no point in changing it.

Last week I gave in.  Important things like Spotify and Dwarf Fortress had moved on into versions that didn’t work on Win2k, and that meant ordering a hard drive and a copy of Windows 7.

I have long ago learnt that the easiest way of performing an operating system upgrade is to lug out your old hard drive, keeping it frozen in time like a baby picture, and install to something shiny and new.  Even a relatively large and fast hard drive costs no more than a weekend session at the ales now – it’s worth it just to avoid having to negotiate the precarious path of installing over a drive containing data you want to keep.  (Plugging your old drive into a spare SATA port and copying across anything you wanted is much easier, put it that way.)

I’m reserving judgment on Win7 until I’ve used it long enough to find some dislikeables, although at this stage I can say the install process was very smooth, updating a graphics driver was bizarrely painless, and most things seem to be Just Working even if I will probably spend the next few weeks tweaking settings getting the latest versions of everything to work the way I liked the old versions to.

Just have to make sure after it’s all set up that I use my spare time to work on some projects like a good productive citizen, rather than downloading all those XP-only Steam games I’d been gazing at like a kid outside a locked sweetshop!

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