Ogre is a pretty good 3D engine/library, if one with a somewhat steep learning curve.  I’ll write some more thoughts on it one day, but for now, a useful finding from today is that by default, texture co-ordinates are set to wrap.  Additional discovery is that 0.0 and 1.0, even without bilinear filtering, have a tendency to nearest-neighbour in texels from the other end of the map when wrapping is enabled.

After spending a good while wondering why my terrain tiles had odd ridges where they abutted each other, and a good while more knowing what the problem was but wondering how to fix it, I found the following nestled away in the TextureUnitState class:


As I’ve said, more on Ogre to be forthcoming, but this is only a minor example of the ways it can be a real kitchen sink full of power when you need to do something unusual or specific.

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