In terms of revolution, one person attempting to take their data out of the walled garden carries about the same import as getting a junior civil servant to alter their choice of breakfast cereal.

But that’s what’s happening here.  It’s strange; when the web was a geeks-only shop that involved clunking IBM compatibles and telephone extension cables strung over the landing, companies saw walled gardens as the future.  CompuServe, AOL, The Microsoft Network… it reads like a “where are they now?” of 1990s precursors to social networking.

What killed those was the barrier to entry.  Each was a paid monthly service, so if were on one and your friends were on the other, there was no creating a profile in a lazy evening; the only option was to go outside the network.

So here we are.  I have decided to don my beret and leaf through my book of revolutionary slogans.  First up against the wall are all those, “log in to see this picture” messages, those “you must be a member to comment” signs that may as well state ACCESS DENIED for all their helpfulness.  No more struggling under the oppression of “this device is not supported”.

I’ll be talking about music, programming, a little bit of politics and business, and maybe some of my life in London might sneak in there too.  It’s a new venture.  Hope you enjoy it.

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